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In the coming years, a new type of satellite IoT networks will disrupt the Internet of Things market. Called Low Power Global Access Networks (LPGAN) these networks are based on Low Earth Orbit satellite constellations and they will provide low cost, low power, global IoT connectivity.
This will create opportunities in a lot of sectors, but in particular in the public sectors like weather and climate, public infrastructure, watermanagement, environmental monitoring and smart agriculure.

The Sat IoT opportunity

Satellite IoT connectivity at the moment is already available in those areas that do not have GSM or terrestrial communication networks (and that is 90% of the world). It is restricted at the moment to niche markets for critical communications for government, the maritime market (Global Distress and Safety System), the transport/asset tracking market, or for the monitoring of critical infrastructures in the Energy and Utility market. Relatively high connectivity and engineering costs combined with high power consumption limit further market expansion.

The opportunities newspace LPGAN connectivity offers will open up a global IoT market in major sectors in society, in particulary also the infrastructures needed for achieving the Global Sustainability goals.

The new generation Satellite IoT will enable an enormous increase in data points around the world sending back their data. Sensor data then can be processed with latest data analytics and AI technology, leading to improved tools for monitoring and forecasting.

In the public sector that will create huge value for society, like more precise weather forecast, flood warnings, agricultural growth prognosis, better maintenance of public infrastructure, environmental monitoring or improved water management.

M2Sat IoT Consult

M2sat' focus is on developing sat-iot solutions for the public sector. We combine this with research and educational activities, using the latest knowhow on satellite IoT communications for the development of new and global applications.
The SatIoT value chain is long and complex because of the many options at the sensing, network, service and application layer of the IoT solution.

We also look at the best technological solution. What sensor should I choose? What satellite network? How and where to do my data analytics? Who makes the dashboard? The choices differ per solution and market vertical.

We start with the application, the location of its IoT devices and their regulatory compliance. Can the IoT device be used in this country? Is it certified? What is egulatory-compliance-as-a-service that M2sat offers?

And what about the ROI of the IoT application? Not only the costs, but what value can we create with IoT? Is it worthwhile for my organisation to invest in it?

Our consultancy activities make the proper assessment and advise on the regulatory compliance, technology chain, and theright value chain partners you need for for a full and sustainable satellite IoT solution.

M2sat IoT platform

As satellite service provider M2sat already offered existing satellite services like Iridium and Inmarsat. With the emergence of nearly a dozen new satellite IoT network we started development of a network agnostic Sat Iot platform.

The M2sat IoT platform is build on the work we did in IoT projects over the last 5 years. Based on the requirements of a satellite IoT application, this platform will enable us to offer the most (cost) effective satellite IoT connectivity. The platform is network and sensor agnostic and for that future-proof. It also prevents lock-in with individual satellite IoT network operators.

M2sat IoT Lab

The development of new satellite IoT solutions is a co-creation process that also includes education and hands on prototyping and experimentation. For this approach we founded Sat IoT Lab. Click below for an introduction. Or visit Satiotlab.com
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M2sat IoT projects

M2sat Water Level Sensor

Click for Flood Warning Brochure

Windpark Monitoring & Control

Seismic Monitoring

SNG-Monitoring & Control

EU R&D Projects


Developing a cloud-based and interactive communication and monitoring solution for the construction and operation phase of offshore wind farms.


Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System


Satellite Integrated Services for the Year 2000

M2Sat IoT testbench

To keep track of the quickly evolving new space Satellite IoT scene, we monitor all newspace satellite IoT operators that are currently launching their LEO constellations.

A battery of more then 15 sat iot modems monitors service performance (reliability and latency)of all networks, but we also monitor hardware and service costs as well as the regulatory status. The accumulated results are the basis for the M2sat expertise in the area of satellite IoT that we use for our satellite IoT application projects and for our consult to our customers.

Who is M2sat?

M2sat was founded in 2004 as a satellite system integrator. Our parent companies have been active in satellite communications since the early 1990's. Over time as M2sat we build e-2-e VAS platforms for mobile IP Video Solutions for the broadcasting market (Satellite Newsgathering), broadband solutions for the offshore and the maritime market.

Currently our focus is on the development of a network agnostic satellite IoT platform as the basis for global IoT solutions that we co-create in co-operation with value chain partners in the different vertical markets.

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